Contact us

There are two groups of people you can contact. It is also ok to include both groups in your CC.

  • Option A - USOS Developers' Office

    Usually you'll want to contact developers if you have any problems with the API itself, you can't find a method you want, you keep receiving errors you don't understand etc.

    If you're not sure whom to email, email us.

  • Option B - Administrators at The University of Bialystok

    Usually you'll want to contact local administrators when you need an Administrative API Key. They will pass your request to proper authorities.

    • Write exactly which methods you want to be granted access to and explain why (if you don't know which, contact the developers' office first).
    • You may include an existing Consumer Key in your message. It might be promoted instead of generating you a new one.
    • Note, that you might be required to sign some kind of a written agreement with The University of Bialystok.
USOS API ver., 56773a67 (2024-07-15)